LG has released further details of its Optimus 3D handset. The Android smartphone is due to go onsale in Europe early this summer. It is currently listed for pre-order on the Expansys website at £525 SIM-free.

LG announced the Optimus 3D back in February, but aside from some brief hands-on time at various trade shows, fully working handsets have since been kept under wraps. Now, however, LG is preparing for the handset’s launch and has just announced more specifics. As well as offering a 3D viewing experience, the Android-based handset will be the first to include a Wikitude 3D augmented reality overlay. The Wikitude 3D overlay is already offered on some other smartphone platforms, notably BlackBerry.

This overlay takes a slightly different tack from that of Layar, the other augmented reality feature found on some smartphones. Whereas Layar serves up details of venues and businesses in viewing distance of your current location, Wikitude provides information such as photos gleaned from other smartphones but also Wikipedia entries and Twitter postings.

LG says the Wikitude AR is already able to draw on 3D information from more than 100 million locations worldwide provided by more than 1000 content providers in 12 languages.

The LG Optimus 3D Android handset is due to go onsale in Europe this summer. From June, LG handset owners will be able to download the Wikitidue 3D app for free from the LG World app store.