There’s also the Snapdragon 865, 144Hz display and the rare inclusion of two USB-C ports – with one on the side of the phone so gamers can still cable charge comfortably when holding the phone horizontally in tandem with that wacky pop-up camera.

Image: XDA Developers

XDA’s access to unreleased promo videos gives us the above and below screenshots of the blue device with dual cameras and the inscriptions ‘Stylish Outside and ‘Savage inside’, not something everyone will necessarily want written on the back of their phone but is lifted from Lenovo Legion Gaming’s slogan.

It might disappoint that there doesn’t appear to be a headphone jack, but does include a cooling system, as is now expected on purpose-built gaming phones.

There’s no release date or price available yet, and XDA warns that these images may not be representative of the final phone. Either way, we’re still looking forward to see what Lenovo can do to break into the smartphone market. It’s got the money.

Image: XDA Developers

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