What is Jolla? We test this iPhone and Android alternative and explain why you shouldn't rush to ditch Android and iPhone to try the Jolla phone in our video demo.

'What is the Jolla smartphone?' A good question and one we're going to explain to you, and ask 'is it a good iPhone and Android alternative?'

The Jolla smartphone is from a new company also called Jolla, which is the brainchild of some ex-Nokia employees. They've take then open source MeeGo operating system once owned by Nokia (remember the Nokia N9?) and turned it into Sailfish OS.

Jolla is the first smartphone to run this Linux-based mobile operating system and has a hard task going up against the iPhone, Android device and Windows Phone 8 handsets.

So do you want to trade in your shiny smartphone for the Jolla? We don't make an eBay listing just yet.

As we explain the in video, Sailfish is a very different operating system and we're not sure we really need another option on the market. While the interface looks nice, it's navigation system is unintuitive and confusing.

Like BlackBerry 10, everything is gesture based but the layout and method of navigating seems like it's different for the sake of it.

With the OS in its infancy, there are not many apps on offer in the Jolla store but luckily you can install and run Android apps. However, there's a drawback here since you can't get content from the Google Play store. Instead, you'll have to rely on third part stores like Yandex.

Hardware is very mid-ranged and when you consider the Jolla costs more than a Nexus 5 at £330, the phone is only making its task harder.