iPhone 6C release date: Will an iPhone 6C come out this year?

Everybody is talking about the upcoming iPhone 6S, and it's looking likely that a September release date is on the cards as Apple tends to stick to a yearly cycle. But there's very little talk of a successor to the iPhone 5C, and that's why we're not certain there's going to be one this year. See also: 8GB iPhone 5C alternatives

Ahead of the launch of the iPhone 5C in 2013, we saw numerous leaked parts showing off the new, colourful chassis of the device. This year so far, we've seen nothing of the sort. Apple has tried its best to crack down on leaks in recent years, so that may be why - but with iPad Pro leaks occasionally surfacing, surely there would be something about the 6C?

However, interestingly, a plastic-backed iPhone with a Touch ID fingerprint sensor has been spotted on Apple's website. The company recently launched a new iPhone dock with Lightning connector, and resting in one in the promotional photographs is what we inititally thought was an iPhone 5C until we spotted the Touch ID, which isn't present in the iPhone 5C (it's only available in the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, as well as Apple's latest iPads).

We're taking this with a pinch of salt, because it could just be a Photoshop error, but we'll update this article if any further information emerges.

iPhone 6C rumours

While there's no solid evidence to suggest that an iPhone 6C is coming, or isn't coming as the case may be, that hasn't stopped websites and avid Apple watchers from talking about the possibility.

MacRumours has suggested that the iPhone 6C could have the same internals as the iPhone 5S, similarly to how the iPhone 5C came out with iPhone 5 internals. If true, that would mean that the 6C would be packing a 4inch screen, A7 processor with M7 motion coprocessor, 1GB of RAM, 8-megapixel rear-facing camera and a 1,560 mAh battery.

It's also possible that the iPhone 6C could boast Touch ID technology, as was introduced with the iPhone 5S. When the 5S and 5C were announced, the 5S exclusively had the fingerprint scanning technology. However, since the announcement of Touch ID, its been integrated into the iPhone 6 & 6 Plus, as well as a handful of iPads. This could mean that the iPhone 6C could come with Touch ID capabilities, as we assume that it'd include Apple Pay - and to use Apple Pay, you need a Touch ID sensor.

Chinese parts supplier Future Supplier has published images of what it believes to be the casing of the next generation iPhone 6C. If true, the iPhone 6C would be similar in design to the iPhone 5C, but with a pill shaped flash cut out for true tone flash, as well as two rows of speaker grilles on the bottom of the device, compared to one on the iPhone 5C. 

The pill shaped LED cutout and two rows of speaker grilles are also found on the iPhone 5S, which contributes towards the rumours that the iPhone 6C could have the same internals as the two-generation-old iPhone 5S. 

Apple is rumoured to add Force Touch capabilities to the next generation of high-end smartphones, dubbed the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus by the online community, so it's assumed that it wouldn't also be featured on the iPhone 6C.

We'll be updating this article as more iPhone 6C information arrives, so check back from time to time for the latest news.