The all-new 5.5in iPhone 6 Plus was announced with the new iPhone 6, and both go on sale today. Here's what you need to know about the iPhone 6 Plus UK release date, price, specs and new features. See: Where to buy iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in the UK.

The iPhone 6 is one of the most highly anticipated smartphones of the year. And Apple spoilt us this year with two new iPhones (neither of which was the iPhone 5C). As well as the iPhone 6, we find the iPhone 6 Plus. This catches up with the Android world as a large screen 'phablet'. See also: iPad 6 release date rumours.

We've gathered together all of the evidence to bring you everything we know about the iPhone 6 Plus so far, so read on to find out what the iPhone 6 Plus looks like, when the iPhone 6 Plus is coming out, and what new features the iPhone 6 Plus has. See also: iPhone 6 review.

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iPhone 6 Plus release date: when is the iPhone 6 Plus coming out?

The iPhone 6 Plus will be available in the UK on Friday September 19.

iPhone 6 Plus UK price: how much will the iPhone 6 Plus cost?

While the regular iPhone 6 starts at £539 (a little less than the iPhone 5s), the iPhone 6 Plus costs a bit more. There are three models which start at £619 - see below for the full line-up.

16GB - £619
64GB - £699
128GB - £789

What is iPhone 6 Plus? iPhone 6 Plus specs and features

The iPhone 6 Plus is a bigger version of the all-new iPhone 6. It has a glass front that curves around the side to meet seamlessly with the anondized aluminum back, complete with stainless steel Apple logo.

iPhone 6 Plus display

That display is what Apple refers to as 'Retina HD': albeit Retina Plus is 1920x1080, which on a 5.5in display equates to a pixel density of 401ppi - middle of the road for flagship smartphones. And, going back to build quality, Apple claims that the large-screen iPhone 6 Plus is a mere 7.1mm thick.

iPhone 6 Plus thin

Apple says that the iPhone 6 Plus display has more than two million pixels, however. And Apple aims to differentiate its displays from the Quad HD screens we are now starting to see by saying that its colours are the key factor. Apple says the iPhone 6 Plus offers sRGB accurate colours. Apple also says the display has new, thinner backlights. And Apple says that the LCD is made with a tech called dual domain pixels, which allow it to have a very broad angle of view. The proof will be in the testing, of course.

iPhone 6 Plus new gestures

What we did see at the iPhone 6 Plus launch was that the big iPhone offers an iPad-like layout for apps and content. There's even a horizontal home screen view. If you're in Safari, you can move backwards and forwards by swiping back and forth. This is a brand new gesture specifically for the iPhone 6 Plus, called Reachability. Double touch the Touch ID button, the whole display slides down so you can reach the top without taking your hand off bottom of display. Existing apps will simply scale up to the bigger display, although app makers will be encouraged to design new home pages for their software.

iPhone 6 Plus landscape iOS 8

iPhone 6 Plus: new processor

The iPhone 6 Plus comes with a new processors, known as the A8. This is a 20-nanometer 64-bit CPU with 2 billion transistors. Apple says it is 25 percent faster than the iPhone 5S' A7 chip, and offers significantly faster GPU performance. Consumers are likely more concerned that the iPhone is faster than Android and Windows Phone rivals. Again, we will test to find out. In a similar vein Apple also says power consumption is down, so battery life should be better. Indeed, Apple claims 80 hours of audio playback, and 12 hours of LTE browsing. Bold claims, but Apple is usually pretty honest with battery life. There's also a new version of the motion co-processor, the M8. This should help developers create more fitness apps. There's also a barometer.

iPhone 6 Plus: storage

In terms of storage you get the option of 16/64/128GB onboard. As ever with Apple there was no mention of expandable storage.

iPhone 6 Plus: wireless connectivity

Apple says that the iPhone 6 Plus enjoys new advanced wireless capabilities. The LTE in the iPhone 6 Plus is 150 Mbps LTE (compared to 100 Mbps). It now has support for 20 LTE bands, compared to 13 previously, more than in any other smartphone. It can take voice off 3G and move it on to LTE, which could make calls clearer sounding. It remains to be seen how much of this will work in the UK market. The iPhone also has NFC finally.

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iPhone 6 Plus: cameras

In terms of cameras the iPhone 6 Plus boasts an 8MP iSight camera, with True Tone flash, 1.5 micron pixels, f/2.2 aperture, and an all-new sensor. It has advanced facial recognition tech and - amazingly - optical image stabilisation. Pretty good for a smartphone. It captures 1080p video at 30 fps or 60 fps, and slo-mo video up to 240 fps. Expect to see a lot of slow-mo on Facebook. Around the front is an improved FaceTime HD camera.