Huawei says they are available globally from 20 September, with the base model specs of 8GB RAM and 128GB storage, so expect the same pricing as the original phone in your region.

Perhaps the more interesting update is that of the phone itself to EMUI 10, Huawei’s version of Android 10. It brings an updated visual design as you might expect, with a little more white space and less clutter in the settings menus. That white space can be dark though, with a system-wide dark mode.

There’s also the addition of what Huawei calls super night selfie mode to let you snap away pics of yourself in dark conditions. We’ve yet to try it out but it shows Huawei is keen to keep up with Google’s computational photography prowess. In some situations we find the P30 Pro better than the famous Pixel 3 camera. 

The aesthetic looks to be a little more Google-esque too with round icons in the notification shade like you’d see on a Pixel and support for gesture controls or the familiar three button Android navigation. The ‘new’ P30 Pro models we saw at IFA were running the EMUI 10 beta, which is available now, but these phones and existing P30 models will get the upgrade soon by the looks of things.

The Mate 30 is launching on 19 September but if it doesn’t have Google services, the P30 Pro will definitely remain our top Huawei phone pick.

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