The P7 is thin, light and looks super sleek with its combination of glass and brushed metal. It's a shame that the seven-layer spun finish on the rear is difficult to see and the lack of a grippy surface means the device slides off almost anything you put it on. Read: The 26 best smartphones: The best phone you can buy in 2014.

Thanks to its design, we've found the P7 surprisingly easy to use considering it has a 5in screen. A Full HD resolution is still standard for a flagship smartphone and while the screen looks great, brightness needs to be set high for comfortable viewing.

Under the shiny exterior is a quad-core processor and 2GB. That sounds perfectly good but we found a few signs of lag which means its performance is a little off the leaders and the main downside to this smartphone.

The 13Mp camera is a real strong point of the P7 with the ability to shoot excellent photos and video in all manner of lighting conditions. There's no dedicated shutter button but a double tap of the volume button will wake the device up and snap a photo in 1.2 seconds.

There's a whopping 8Mp camera up front for selfies, even the panoramic sort which Huawei calls groufies.

Running Android 4.4 KitKat out-of-the-box, the P7 is nice and up to date. Huawei puts its own Emotion UI over the top which is better than previous versions by offering a simpler way of doing things.

We like the amount of customisation on offer but the lack of a proper app menu is a strange decision and as we mentioned earlier there are signs of lag. These include the notification bar which tends to jerk and using the phone in general – particularly when lots of tasks are running.

The non-removable battery will provide a typical day of usage so most users will have to charge the P7 every night. Only light users will get beyond this but everyone can take advantage of the ultra-power saving mode which gives basic functions on a black and white interface.

Huawei has produced a stunning smartphone in the Ascend P7 and this is couple with good value for money with that non-flagship price tag. There's some decent hardware on offer here, particularly the camera but the P7 is let down by software performance issues.