Honor, the Huawei sub-brand, has always been known for producing premium handsets which deliver excellent value for money. 

Despite concerns over a lack of Google Mobile Services, the Honor 30 looks set to continue that. The company's phones regularly have one of the best camera systems at their respective price points, and image quality is set to be one of the main priorities.  

The Honor 20 was a big success story, offering an excellent user experience for a fraction of the cost of many flagships. 

You might think that its successor has already launched, but the Honor View 30 is part of a separate line altogether. We're expecting a follow-up to be called the Honor 30, and it's set to arrive in the coming weeks. 

When is the Honor 30 coming out?

An event to launch the Honor 30 has been confirmed for 15 April. That falls just one day after the OnePlus 8 event, so we're hoping the new phone is still able to hold its own.

Honor doesn't usually put its devices on sale until a few weeks later, so we might be waiting until May to get our hands on the phone. 

How much will the Honor 30 cost?

The Honor 20 cost £399 at launch, but has dropped to under £300 at the time of writing, while the 20 Pro started at £549.

We'd expect a similar pricing strategy for the Honor 30 and 30 Pro, putting them firmly in the mid-range market.

What are we expecting from the Honor 30?

The big news we have so far is in the camera department. Prolific leaker @OnLeaks revealed what looks to be the back of the Honor 30, complete with triple rear cameras. These are a 50Mp main, 12Mp ultra-wide and 8MP telephoto with 3x optical zoom. 

Despite the disclaimers surrounding accuracy, the sketch appears to be quite similar to the Honor 30S which launched recently, so we wouldn't be surprised if the final design is not too dissimilar. 

We are yet to find the perfect solution for housing the front-facing camera, so expect Honor to stick with the hole-punch camera in the top corner of its phone. 

We expect the Honor 30 to also borrow the Kirin 990 processor from the 30S, in addition to 40W wired charging. That can't quite match the very fastest charging speeds on the market, but will be a nice upgrade nonetheless. Elsewhere, the baseline model might get a boost from 6 to 8GB of RAM. 

However, unless Honor elects to make radical design changes to the Honor 30, we'd expect it to be an iterative upgrade over last year's model. 

In all likelihood, the phones will be running Magic UI over Android 10. Honor's skin is almost identical to Huawei's EMUI and has some nice touches, including some useful power-saving measures and stunning wallpapers.

Honor 30 wishlist

The Honor 20 and 20 Pro were excellent phones for the price, so a follow-up would be all about building on this success and trying to stand out in the crowded mid-range market. 

There is still some uncertainty over parent company Huawei's relationship with the US, which means we can't be sure whether the Honor 30 will ship with Google Play Services. We feel it needs these to have any chance of success in Western markets.

Curiously, the Honor 20 only came with one option for on-device storage - 128GB. While that should be plenty for most people, having support for expandable storage would allow power users to make use of the extra space.

The 3,750mAh battery on the Honor 20 produced solid battery life, but we'd like to see this bumped up to even more than a full day's usage. Perhaps we're being greedy, but we'd be happy to remain without wireless charging and official waterproofing if we could get an extra few minutes out of the phone.

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