At the time of writing there was still stock of both phones on the UK Google Store, so if you want one, you better pick one up quickly. 

We loved the Pixel 3a and the bigger XL as they brought Google’s phenomenally good Pixel camera to a smartphone that cost around half that of the Pixel 3 series, as well as the current Pixel 4 line.

The coronavirus pandemic meant Google cancelled its May I/O event where we expected to see the Pixel 4a launch, but there is still no sign of the device. It’d be very unexpected for Google to drop the ‘a’ line entirely given the good critical feedback for the 3a.

The 4a is still thought to be launching soon but will mean it does not have long on the market before the presumed flagship Pixel 5 will come along. Google usually releases its high-end Pixel around October, so it might only be three months away.

A Pixel 4a XL has been reportedly scrapped, and Google may well have paused the 4a’s launch to rethink its messaging and features in reaction to the generally well received $399 iPhone SE – a mid-range phone with a high end chipset in Apple’s A13.

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