The iPhone 11, Galaxy S10 and many other smartphones can shoot at the higher frame rate. It’s not the end of the world for Pixel owners, as only the keenest-eyed smartphone videographer is going to notice the step up in quality.

But for spec nerds like us, it makes a difference and its notable that the code uncovered by XDA points to the phone being able to shoot at 60fps, but Google limiting it in software. There is speculation that the decision may be down to the fact the Pixel 4 has already bad battery life, and shooting at such a high resolution and frame rate depletes battery faster.

It could also be because at 64GB, the cheaper Pixel 4 would fill up pretty fast with those big files.

Whatever the reason is, it’s another black mark against the Pixel 4. Despite warm reviews across the board, including from us, the bad battery life is unforgivable when other flagship smartphones are pushing two days of use. Add to that the gimmicky radar controls and the Pixel 4 is clinging onto relevance thanks to those admittedly magical cameras.