Samsung, Oppo, OnePlus and LG are among the smartphone heavyweights to already release 5G phones despite the very limited coverage of 5G mobile networks worldwide. Samsung’s S10 5G boasts improved specs over the other S10 phones, but most 5G phones are the same hardware as the 4G versions but with 5G antennae.

Apple’s iPhone 11 range does not have 5G support, so if Google announces a 5G Pixel it’d beat Apple to the punch. As ever though, Apple often is not first to a tech trend, but when it does it, it does it best. A good case in point is the iPhone 11’s sonic leap in camera capabilities to all but jump ahead of the Pixel 3.

Reporting suggests the 5G Pixel is undergoing testing in China and might actually launch later in Google’s release cycle in 2020. It is expected to run the Snapdragon 855, which will be outdated by 2020. Even the Pixel 4 having the 855 in October is late in the day considering the Galaxy S10 has had it since February.

Keep an eye on Google’s event on Tuesday for a tease of a 5G phone, but it sounds like we might have to wait a little longer.