In line with leaks, the phone has a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, a large camera cutout but with just one lens, a top left camera cut out on the front and a blue power button. 

The date on the display of the phone is 12 May, a date which hints that the phone should have been announced at May’s Google I/O conference before it was cancelled. Two months on and the device is still not officially announced.

Rumours suggest that Google delayed the launch due to coronavirus, with possible stock issues, but there are also whispers that the positive reaction to the $399 64GB iPhone SE might have caused Google to revise what the Pixel 4a will offer at likely the same price.

When the phone is finally announced we’ll be able to assess whether the wait was worth it. But yet again with leaks like this, Google has had a very messy run-up to its latest phone launch. Both the Pixel 3 and 4 flagship phones were leaked heavily prior to release.

Google is also rumoured to be readying a Pixel 4a 5G and, confusingly given the timeline, a Pixel 5 for release this year.

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