Galaxy S8/S8 Plus discounts

Galaxy S9 discounts

The S9 featured in our round up of the best phones of 2018 where it ranked second place, outdone only by the OnePlus 6 which had a more palatable price of £469. Now with Samsung's discount, the S9 is only £179 more than the OnePlus (instead of nearly £300), while the S8 (single SIM) costs £20 less than the OnePlus 6.

Our editors are fans of both phones and rated them 4.5 stars out of 5. Read our full reviews of the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S8 to see more about its respective features and performance and any areas where we felt these phones could be stronger.

Trade-in discount

Samsung is accepting trade-ins from various brands, including old Samsung phones (up to £200 off). Other brands that qualify for trade-in discounts include: Apple (up to £200 off), OnePlus (up to £150 off), Sony (up to £150 off), HTC, Nokia, Huawei and LG (all of which allow up to £100 trade-in discounts).

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