Vodafone is offering the phone from £32 per month with a £49 up front cost. If you need a phone and admire the Fairphone 3’s cause, it’s a good price.

There was four years between the second and third Fairphones, but we reviewed the new model and were left impressed. It’s perhaps a tad expensive for the specs, but that’s not what you’re paying for here. You’re buying into the idea that the technology industry can be sustainably and ethically sound – something no other smartphone company in the world, sadly, can claim.

The Fairphone 3 is modular, meaning you can disassemble and replace components like the battery and other parts if and when they break. The only thing will be hoping Fairphone continues to stock the parts long enough – but at present the company stocks a huge range of parts for all three of its phones, so you should be fine.

There are cheaper phones with better specs out there, but none are equipped to last as long as the Fairphone, and no tech purchase will make you feel better about splashing out.