That's why we are impressed with EE's deal that gets you the Huawei P30 with no upfront cost and a massive 50GB of data for £32.75 per month with unlimited texts and minutes. The deal is available from Affordable Mobiles.

If you order by 4 April, you can also claim the Sonos One smart speaker (2nd gen.) worth £199.

EE also includes other excellent freebies with the plan, like six months of Apple Music and Amazon Prime Video, as well as 3 months of BT Sport. Keep in mind, the monthly rate also includes a cashback program where you can claim £246 back by sending copies of your monthly bill by specific set dates (Affordable Mobiles will provide these once your make the order).

Head to Affordable Mobiles now pick up this offer now and see all P30 deals from Affordable Mobile here. And be sure to pick up a case for your Huawei P30 too.