Casetify x Pokemon Drop 1

Casetify x Pokemon cases and accessories from the first drop in May

The Pokemon designs are available on iPhone, MacBook, iPad and AirPod cases, as well as for best-selling Samsung phones. Prices will range from £20/US$25 and up.

"Fans will be excited to not only see the limited-edition designs and sold-out accessories coming to new device sizes, but also shop the Pokédex collection and choose from 151 different ways to express
themselves,” said Wes Ng, CEO and co-founder of Casetify. 

The "151 ways" refers to the number of Pokémon from the Kanto region (keeping with the Pokemon universe), that customers can choose from for their cases. Customers can personalize existing Casetify case styles like the Impact, Neon Sand or DTLA with favourite Pokemon characters as well.

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Casetify x Pokemon Drop 2

The second drop of Casetify x Pokemon cases and accessories is expected 10 July

Casetify is a recurring brand in our round up of best phone cases across multiple device types. The brand produces gorgeous, hardy and reliable cases at affordable rates with a large range of designs to choose from.