There doesn’t look like there’s much difference from the original phone and the Strix edition beyond a drop down to 8GB RAM and 128GB storage, from 12GB and 512GB in the original. The Strix model will sell for £599 and for the specs is a great deal, actually.

The Ultimate Edition ups the ante with a full 1TB storage and a faster modem but will set you back £899 for the privilege. That sets it under the equivalent Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus with similar specs, and adds Asus’ excellent 120Hz display – a feature of every ROG Phone 2.

Unfortunately, the gamer aesthetics of the phone are likely to put off casual phone buyers, even though the 6,000mAh battery is also a big draw here. But this is a gaming phone through and through, so it was only right that Asus made tons of different versions of them, each barely discernible from the last and listed them all on its site without naming them properly.

But if you want a gaming phone, any of the ROG Phone 2 series is the best one right now.