This is a render based on some source information, not an official render from OnePlus. Smartphone reporting can be a confusing place at times, and renders like this add to it.

For context, the OnePlus 7T has many features of the OnePlus 7 Pro including a 90Hz display and triple cameras. But those phones have a teardrop notch and pop up camera respectively and this new render shows a punch hole camera in the top left of the display.

We don’t know if OnePlus’ only visual change to a new OnePlus 8 would be changing the camera a little. The rear of the phone is also practically identical to the OnePlus 7 Pro. It leaves us feeling cold.

Image: OnLeaks and Cashkaro

That’s not to say that this isn’t a legitimate leak. OnePlus often makes so many prototypes of its phones that leaks turn out to be wrong in the end as they are leaks of abandoned designs. This is what this feels like to us, an abandoned version of the 7 Pro before OnePlus went with the pop-up camera.

Given that the 7T cannibalises the appeal of the 7 Pro by having so many similar features, we can’t see this being the OnePlus 8. It looks exactly the same as the last two generations – for a company that says it will ‘Never Settle’, we just don’t buy it.

This isn’t a comment on the quality of leaks from any source in particular - there are a lot of fake leaks these days in the smartphone world. Renders pop up during hype cycles just before launches as pure clickbait, or just after launches for the same reason (iPhone 12, anybody?) It shows that it is hard to trust any leak, even if it is legitimate. 

We like a smartphone leaks as much as the next tech title, but this alleged OnePlus 8 leak just doesn’t sit right. We would, of course, like to be proven wrong.