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This may not be the standard across the industry however as certain manufacturers may lower the price on their 5G ready phones to try and get a larger part of the market, potentially making a loss on the handsets to generate more income in another area.

The prospect of building a 5G phone for different cellular carriers is also a challenge the industry must face, as Lau suggests that it will be that much harder to move a phone from carrier to carrier with 5G than it was with 4G. OnePlus reportedly hasn’t seen a solution to this issue as of yet, and it’s one that will face the 5G market around the world.

There will be two major types of 5G network that consumers will be exposed to. The millimetre wave version of 5G that is being rolled out in the US by AT&T and Verizon which focus on speed, while the “sub-6” spectrum used by EE will be much more widely available by operating at a slower pace.

If you’re confused about 5G and what exactly it all means (we wouldn’t blame you) then take a look at our quick guide to what exactly 5G is, and why it matters to you.

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