The 10th Gen Intel Core also makes an appearance in the ThinkPad X1 Yoga, the ThinkPad X390 and the ThinkPad T490.

One of the ThinkPad's selling points is the emphasis on quality display technology and high-end GPUs in many of its models, making these laptops more attractive to those who need excellent graphics -- whether for digital art, CAD or presentations. The new batch continues this trend with high-definition displays and powerful graphics capability. The new laptops also come with Dolby stereo for an immersive audio experience.

For those on a tighter budget who still want a ThinkPad, the ThinkPad L13 or L13 Yoga may be the answer. These pack in many of the desirable features of the higher-end ThinkPad models but at a more affordable price point. While they don't have the 10th Gen core, they do offer very solid processing power and lots of high-value elements. They come in at around half the price of the X1 Carbon while still being a very desirable business laptop.

Connectivity is increasingly important to today's professionals. The new ThinkPads emphasise reliable connectivity, with some models offering both LTE-A Wireless WAN and Wi-Fi 6. There's also a heavy emphasis on security. Lenovo advertises a range of security features under the name ThinkShield. Windows Hello™ is available on the new laptops, enabling several forms of multi-factor authentication.

Lenovo's vice president of Commercial Product and Portfolio Management, Intelligent Devices Group, Jerry Paradise, had this to say about the new line of laptops: "We know from user insights that the next-gen workforce expects much more flexible working methods. This includes the need to work from anywhere, anytime with technological tools at their disposal that are fast, secure, intuitive and mobile. Our unparalleled family of ThinkPad laptops gives business professionals smarter productivity, security and connectivity experiences along with greater choice in selecting the device that’s right for them.”

The new Lenovo ThinkPads will begin shipping in September 2019. ThinkPad fans who are interested in picking up one of the new Yoga models should check out Tech Advisor's Lenovo discount codes. With excellent deals on all the latest products, from laptops to peripherals, Lenovo voucher codes could make the newest Yoga ThinkPads much more affordable.