If you regularly monitor our best Surface deals article, you'll realise how rare it's been for the Surface Laptop 3 to make an appearance. The device has held its value extremely well, making deals notoriously few and far between. 

There's a reason for this - despite the Laptop 3 having been released over a year ago, it remains Microsoft's latest thin and light laptop. The company's usual release schedule has been upended due to the coronavirus pandemic, meaning we're not expecting a successor until well into 2021. 

In our 8/10 review, we said that the fit and finish on offer made the starting £999 price appealing. With this discount, it's one of the most complete laptops you can buy for under £800. Even when the new version does arrive, the Surface Laptop line has proven that it stands up well over time.

If you're not a fan of the traditional clamshell design, you'll be pleased to hear that the Surface Pro 7 is also now available at its lowest ever price. The same configuration (i5, 8GB, 128GB) is down to £659.99 from the £899 RRP, although you'll have to pick one up today to take advantage of that new price. 

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

As with the Laptop line, it's many months before we're expecting the Pro 8 to arrive, so you can confidently buy now without worrying about a new model being just around the corner. 

Head to Amazon to buy either the Surface Laptop 3 or Surface Pro 7 now. 

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