Elsewhere, the other key confirmed feature is GPUs from Nvidia's RTX 3000 series. We'd always expect dedicated gaming laptops to have a discrete graphics card, although the choice of Nvidia's more affordable range reflects its expected lower price point. The processor it's paired with hasn't been revealed, although something from Intel's Tiger Lake is most likely. 

As the name suggests, the display is still around the 15in mark (15.6 to be precise), complete with a refresh rate up to 360Hz. We don't know an exact resolution, although the screen has been awarded low blue light certification, which should reduce eye fatigue. 

Dell G15
Image: Dell

The fans are fairly noticeable in the above image, and they form part of the new and improved thermal design. Dell says it has borrowed some of the technology from the Alienware range, where devices are effective at preventing overheating. There are three performance options in total, with the high-end variant offering 115W of thermal design power (TDP). You also get the option for a 4-zone RGB keyboard on some models. 

Many other G15 specs is still unknown, but Dell says more information will be revealed at a webcast in late March. A global release is expected next month, but UK and US pricing isn't yet known. 

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