The Dell XPS 13 has long been pretty much the best Windows laptop you can buy, and when we took a look at the 2020 model we saw no reason for that to change. The 15in version is consistently good too, but there has never been a 17in version.

That appears to be changing if the screenshot is to be believed, with the alleged XPS 15 and 17 the two models to the right of the frame with XPS’ signature carbon fiber stylings. The other two laptops appear to be Dell Precision models, and the image was found in the Precision section of its website. They’re likely comparable 15in and 17in Precision alternatives to the new XPS line.

Those Precision models look to retain full size USB-A ports whereas the XPS laptops here only have USB-C, in line with the loss of the USB-A port on the 2020 XPS 13. While Apple ditched USB-A several years ago, many high end Windows laptops have been holding out. No more, it seems.

Fingers crossed for an official announcement soon.