Head to the Chuwi website to buy the CoreBook Pro now

The price above applies if you buy via PayPal in the UK, although it may fluctuate slightly according to the conversion rate.

The CoreBook Pro is every inch the modern laptop, with a 13.3in Full HD display, Intel Core i3 processor, 8GB RAM and a 256GB SSD. It even has support for 5G, while the large 46.2Wh battery should be plenty to last you through a full day. 

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Ordering before 27 July will also get you a free laptop bag. While there isn't any more information besides the photo below, it looks to be of decent quality and will save you an additional purchase. 

On the Chuwi website you're prompted to sign up with your email in order to get the discount code. However, we've already done that for you and can be fairly confident that entering the code 'COREBOOKPRO' at checkout will work for everyone. 

What's more, Chuwi offers free international shipping on the CoreBook Pro. That means you won't pay a penny for delivery, whether you're in the UK, US or any country where DHL ships. 

Head to the Chuwi website to pick up the CoreBook Pro now

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