Alienware has unveiled its refreshed M-series of gaming laptops with Intel Ivy Bridge processors.

On the outside these laptops look exactly the same as the previous generation but it's under the bonnet where the revamp has taken place. The M14x, M17x and M18x now come powered by Intel's third generation Core i processors named Ivy Bridge. See also: Group test: what's the best ultraportable laptop?

With standard configuration the M14x, M17x and M18x cost £999, £1299 and £1699, respectively. However, each model can be custom built to from the colour to the processor to the operating system.

Alienware touts a performance increase of around 15 percent with Ivy Bridge compared to Sandy Bridge. The laptops come with a choice of Core i7 chips with the Core i5 only available on the M14x.

Graphics are an important area for a gaming laptop and the M-series has a choice of Nvidia or AMD cards. The M17x is one of the first laptops to offer the AMD Radeon HD 7970M and the M18x is able to offer two of the same AMD card or two Nvidia GeForce GTX 675Ms.

Alienware M14x laptop

Hard drives are the other major upgrade with numerous configurations available. All the laptops come with a 500GB drive as standard but dual and even triple arrays are possible. Alienware has introduces an mSATA boot and caching drive for extra performance.

In terms of memory the line-up comes with 6GB of 1600MHz RAM compared to the previous 4GB of 1333MHz. Those wishing for some more can opt for up to 32GB.

"Our customers want the most immersive gaming experience possible, and we’ve taken the all-powerful M14x, M17x, and M18x laptops and made them even better, delivering the latest technologies for almost every need," said Frank Azor, General Manager, Alienware.

"We’ve always offered the latest technology for the best gaming experience possible, and our enhanced line-up will let you pwn any competitor and provide the sensory experience that we know you crave."

With standard configuration the M14x, M17x and M18x cost £999, £1299 and £1699, respectively. If you're wondering where the M11x has got to then there's bad news. Alienware has decided not to include the pint sized laptop in the refresh.