YouTube thinks its new AR Beauty Try-On tech will change that. Via Masthead and TrueView Discovery ads, brands such as NARS and MAC will be able to let you try on lipstick and other make up using AR and your phone’s front facing camera.

The ads will appear at different time on the iOS and Android YouTube apps – both when you open the app before the homescreen and also in search results or the Up Next list. From there, you can click to try on different colours and shades of make up that intelligently work with the camera to give you an idea of what they’d look like on you.

GIF: YouTube

If you like how you look you can tap through to purchase within the YouTube app, presumably able to seamlessly link up to Google Pay. The ads will be clearly labelled as ads, YouTube said.

The tech is being pushed by YouTube’s in-house branded content platform FameBit and the idea is to make ads more useful to you, even if they are meant to be targeted in the first place. We think this is still a bit of a gimmick though, and how realistic these filters are going to be is questionable.

That said, it is more hygienic than using a tester lipstick down at Boots.