Millions of users choose Chrome on a Windows PC instead of Edge despite Edge being preinstalled and set as the default browser. This points to the user’s attraction to Google’s ecosystem and syncing, as well as a streamlined product. Despite constant updates, Edge still feels like a familiar descendent of Internet Explorer.

There’s also the attraction of Google’s search product rather than the Bing engine used in Edge.

But if you want to get away from the prying eyes of Google, then Edge is a way out – even if you are surrendering your search and browsing data to another tech giant in Microsoft.

Microsoft in recent years has successfully changed its business focus to services and away from hardware, particularly in mobile. Its Office 365 subscription model now doesn’t care what device you use it from, so long as you’re paying.

For Edge it’s a slightly different matter as many of us simply don’t use it. But at least Microsoft has figured out that it’s best to concentrate on its software strategy. That said, its Surface products are a fine if expensive first party hardware line that continues to grow.