No thanks.

XDA noticed in the latest build of Chromium, Google’s open-source web browser, a flag option to enable ‘quieter notification permission prompts’:

Image: XDA Developers

While it is not yet functional, the option should filter into the mainstream Chrome build soon, meaning that with the right know-how you can make a little tweak to improve your daily browsing. The mention above of a ‘mini-infobar’ could point to a much smaller notification unlike the full screen or heads-up notifications that Android normally displays.

We’d personally rather that these notifications were silenced completely as we don’t ever allow notifications from web domains, but maybe that’s us. It’s just that the system is quite fragmented as is open to spamming you, depending on the source. You could already turn it off in Chrome settings, but soon it looks like you can minimise them just in case that FOMO is too much.