(If you don't mind spending a bit more than, well, nothing, Beerwulf also has discounts across its Sub at-home beer taps.)

The box costs £24 otherwise and includes eight beers, a magazine and a snack. You'll need to pay for is £5.95 for delivery, though.

You have the option to choose your beer preference. Opt for a crate of vegan-friendly light beers or choose a light and dark beer mix instead, which includes two to three stouts and porters. 

Your order should should arrive within 2-3 working days of it being shipped, though Beer52 says it may take slightly longer in some cases. After your first free box, you'll be billed £24 every 28 days and will receive a new mix of beers with each delivery.

Beer52's subscription boxes typically cost £24 per month for a box of eight beers (which is what you effectively sign up for with this deal), £29 for a box of ten, or £32 for a box of twelve.

You can pause cancel your subscription at any time, though cancellations, annoyingly, can only be completed over the phone. Of course, you may not actually need to cancel while under lock-down...

We've separately rounded up all the places selling beer and alcohol online if you want to see other options. Otherwise, head to Beer52 now to pick up a free crate of beer with code b52googfree2.