What is Amazon Music Unlimited HD?

Amazon has a few tiers to its music streaming services, and if you're not already familiar it can be confusing.

There's Prime Music, of course, which is included for free with Prime subscriptions – though if you want a greater selection of songs, you'll have to pay for Amazon Music Unlimited, which costs £9.99 (or £7.99 to Prime members).

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For the ultimate streaming experience, there's Amazon Music Unlimited HD. What's the difference? Lossless sound quality.

That probably doesn't mean much if you just need a semblance of a tune to bop along to while out on an "I've stopped commuting and desperately need exercise" jog, but for the audiophiles out there, unadulterated premium audio quality can be a much-needed life-saver to indoor confinement

Amazon Unlimited HD offers a bitrate of 850kbps (and 3730kbps if played in Ultra HD), whereas Spotify Premium only goes up to 320kbps when the audio quality is set to Very High.

If you want a comparison, normal ad-supported Spotify plays at 96kbps when the quality is set to Normal, and 160kbps when set to High.

All this is to say, what you're listening to now over a stream probably is quite compressed and stripped of the finer nuances.

Of course, compression isn't bad. It's what saves your data allowance from burning up when you're on the go, but given most of us are spending more time indoors with Wi-Fi, you should probably give lossless audio a try – especially when it's free for three months. 

Head over to Amazon to sign up for its Amazon Music Unlimited HD 90-day trial. Here's everything you need to know about Amazon Prime Music.