It's worth pointing out that supermarkets are, of course, still open, and though you've still got very little chance of securing a delivery slot you can still go in person and physically buy alcohol from the store. But that's not an option if you are self-isolating at home, or the social-distancing measures you are sticking to rule out visits to anywhere people might congregate.

Fortunately, then, there are a number of online outlets offering to drop booze to your door. While it's not quite so easy to find stockists of popular lagers such as Fosters, or things like Strongbow or Guinness (though we did find some), it is very easy to order wine, spirits and craft beers online.

You should expect delivery times to be a little longer during the current crisis, and as with all other purchases right now we all must accept that stock shortages mean we might have to plump for our second- or even third-favourite brand.

Where to buy beer online in the UK

For craft beer fans the UK has a number of beer distributors and clubs that continue to operate, and in some cases you can go direct to local breweries. Here are some places to try:

Where to buy spirits online in the UK

Where to buy wine online in the UK

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