QR codes have long been a faster way to share information dsigitally but WhatsApp may have added this feature so that people don’t have to hand their phones to others to type their number in. It’s a little outdated to exchange numbers for some generations these days anyway what with the slew of different internet platforms available to communicate on, but WhatsApp remains one that requires a phone number to work.

Image: WABetaInfo

The report shows that you can reset the QR code, rendering any link sent invalid, but it doesn’t appear to remove you from the contacts if someone has already scanned. Instead this feature is more likely to be if your QR code was shared without your permission and you didn’t want lots of people using it to add your details to their account.

It’s not currently clear if the feature will come to iOS, but Facebook-owned WhatsApp is usually diligent about ensuring that both iPhone and Android have the same functionality. We expect the QR update to hit the public release of the app after it has run a few weeks in the beta.