350 hours of standby equates to 14.5 days, so it’s worth noting that Samsung claims its Galaxy S20 Plus can last 11 days on standby. But that phone retails for £999.

We loved the Moto G8 Power with its 5,000mAh for £219, so the N100 undercuts that phone by £60 and doubles the battery, if battery size is your main concern. 

Doogee, a company so unknown in the western world it doesn’t have a Wikipedia page, says the faux-leather backed N100 is “the world's most portable, long-lasting battery smartphone” at allegedly 8mm thick, and can be fully charged in 3.5 hours.

Image: Doogee

The phone has 10W wired charging and is Qi wireless charging compatible. It has a 5.99in 1080p LCD display, runs an 8-core MediaTek Helio P23 processor, has 4GB RAM, 64GB storage with a micro-SD slot and runs Android 9 out the box – just don’t count on any updates.

With a dual rear camera and fingerprint sensor all for the low asking price, this is almost a curiosity purchase. If you’re a heavy phone user you’ll appreciate the battery power as much as a light user who spends time away from the charger, but with these middling specs you’re not going to want to do anything much intensive on it like gaming.

It's got NFC, but there's no headphone jack. 

If you’re tempted to stick it to the big brands and get a phone that will surely last a couple of days without fuss, check the phone will work on the GSM bands your operator works on – the phone supports bands 2/3/5/8.