Huawei has worked closely with developer Behaviour Interactive to get the game into AppGallery and this has meant integrating with Huawei services for in-app purchases and making it possible to create an account in Beyond the Wall using Huawei’s own Account Kit.

It appears that developers are starting to take AppGallery seriously, and that could be good news for anyone considering buying a Huawei phone - such as the new P40 series - which doesn’t have access to Google Play and other Google services.

There are various ways to access Android apps which aren’t available in AppGallery including using Phone Clone to copy the app from another Android phone. But having apps and games available natively is preferable, not least so they are automatically updated.

One likely reason developers are beginning to take notice of AppGallery is that revenue splits are currently generous: games get 85% for the first two years, 15% above the industry norm of 70%.

Anyone who installs GoT: Beyond the Wall within 120 days of its launch will get  special rewards when registering to play, including carved glyphs and shards of Jon Snow.

Read more about Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall and check out this launch trailer: