In the above video, product manager Arvind Chandrababu explains that the mode will come to select Android phones and tablets running Android 8.0 and above but doesn’t confirm which. It’s notable that the video does not use a Pixel phone to show Ambient Mode working, signalling that non-Google phones should be getting this soon.

The Nokia 6.2 and 7.2 are confirmed to receive the mode, which will also let you display your recent photos in a slideshow, again like the Nest Hub. Ambient Mode should be rolling out soon to Android devices, but it might be up to the manufacturer as to whether it’s included – many phones still don’t have Google’s Digital Wellbeing feature despite it being integrated with Android 9 Pie.

Digital Wellbeing is available as a standalone app, but in the video Ambient Mode is described as “deeply integrated” into Android, so we expect it to be baked in on the devices it does come to.

For devices that are supported, here's how to use Google Assistant's Ambient Mode on Android.