Just in case you were holding out for a return of Google’s pudding naming convention for its mobile OS, it looks like the next version of Android is called Android 11. Not that we are surprised.

Android 10 was the first major release of Android to simply take a number rather than the name of a dessert, so it was always safe to assume that Google would continue on with Android 11. That has been confirmed by a listing for a session at the Android Dev Summit 2019 via the event’s official app:

Image: 9to5Google

As reported by 9to5Google, it shows that Google probably won’t bother using a codename for the release of Android 11 as it doesn’t have to worry about hiding the pudding name anymore. For what it’s worth, Google was a lot better about keeping the name of Android a secret than it has been about stemming the relentless flow of Pixel 4 leaks.

As for what ‘scoped storage’ is, that’s above our pay grade. The Android Dev Summit is an annual Google-hosted developer conference that invites devs to learn more about existing and upcoming versions of Android to help them create and maintain Android apps and services.