The scheme also offers the option to upgrade to Microsoft’s next console, codenamed Project Scarlett, when it goes on sale in ‘Holiday 2020’.

“By design, the consumer is at the very center of Xbox All Access. Xbox All Access gives players everything they need to start playing, on the latest devices with the latest games,” said Jeff Gattis, General Manager of Platform and Devices Marketing at Microsoft.

“Not only does the purchasing flexibility benefit the customer, but the content and quality of the program does as well.”

In the UK customers can purchase the bundle through retailer Game, where prices start at £17.99 for an all-digital Xbox One S. It’s £19.99 for a regular One S and £24.99 for a One X. In all three countries, Microsoft requires you to sign up to a financing partner in order to take payment.

This is much like buying a phone on contract, with monthly payments paying off the cost of the console and covering the subscription access to games. For some, it will be an easier way to play games as opposed to stumping up the cash upfront for a console and several physical games.

The attractiveness here is for those who want a new Xbox but who are also keen to get their hands on Project Scarlett at launch. Microsoft said US and UK Xbox All Access members can upgrade to it once they’ve made 18 payments and it is available, while Australian members can buyout their Xbox hardware in order to be immediately eligible to upgrade.