It helps that the design is very slick. The ornate controllers are each modelled after the Master Sword and Hylian Shield from the game, to reflect the way that you’ll be able to use each to control that respective weapon using the new game’s updated motion controls.

Look closely and you’ll also spot a pretty dashing purple and turquoise wrist strap for each, which would probably look pretty great attached to almost any Joy-Con colour.

Frustratingly, right now we can’t find the new controllers available to pre-order from any UK retailer – but here’s when they’ll launch, and where to look in the meantime.

When will the Skyward Sword Joy-Cons launch?

The new controllers are set to hit store shelves on 16 July, the exact same day as Skyward Sword HD hits the console.

Where can I pre-order the Zelda Joy-Con?

While Skyward Sword HD is available to pre-order now on the Nintendo eShop or from Amazon, there’s no sign yet of the controllers.

It’s likely that they will eventually be able to pre-order from the official Nintendo UK store, along with the likes of Amazon and Game, but for now there’s no way to put your money down.

We’ll be looking out for whenever that changes, and will update this article as soon as we find a way to pre-order the new Joy-Cons.

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