Managing expectations is no easy thing, and building hype for a new game console launch over a hype cycle that lasts over a year is about as tricky as it gets. Still, it would be hard to deny that Sony got it wrong with the PlayStation 5 reveal at its CES 2020 press conference.

Sony never promised any PS5 news at the event, which is traditionally led by its TV tech, but with Microsoft revealing the Xbox Series X in December it's understandable that fans had built up hopes for a similar declaration by Sony at CES. 

It's easy to imagine that this might have taken the Japanese tech giant by surprise, as instead of dropping specs or design details, the company spent almost ten minutes building up to the reveal of... a logo. A logo that's incredibly similar to the PS4's anyway.

If Sony had just dodged the PlayStation question entirely - or openly declared that it wasn't ready to announce anything new yet - there might have been no issue. But instead PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan strutted out on stage to play PS4 sizzle reels, hype up 2020's new game releases and the PS4's lifetime sales, and even recap the PS5 specs revealed so far, like SSD storage, hardware-driven ray tracing, and a new controller with improved haptics.

The tension in the room was palpable, every sentence end hanging tantalisingly in the air as if the new console might be about to pop up on stage any second. And instead we got a logo. Then another sizzle reel of PS4 games and happy gamers, and the promise of announcements yet to come.

So no, we still don't know a lot about the PS5, which is due this Christmas, even as we know an awful lot about the next Xbox. But hey, E3 is only five months ago. You can wait, right?