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Sony PS4 1TB release date and price

Keeping up with Microsoft in the Xbox One vs PS4 battle, the new PlayStation 4 with 1TB hard drive has a release date of 15 July. The firm hasn't announced an official price but we expect it to match the Xbox One 1TB at £349 while the older model should be £299.

Update 29 June: As expected the console will cost £349 in the UK and you can pre-order now from GAME although the retailer said on Twitter it would be available on 15 July, the page says 17 July. We've asked for clarification on this.

Sony PS4 1TB Ultimate Player edition

Sony PS4 1TB specs

As you might expect the big change here is the hard drive inside the new console with 1TB compared to 500GB allowing more space for whatever you want to store. The other hardware remains the same and Sony hasn't mentioned anything about being able to add external storage like the Xbox One.

The new Xbox One 1TB comes with an upgraded controller but Sony hasn't mentioned anything on this front.

Sony has also updated its PlayStation app for iOS and Android with a couple of new features. You can now enter PSN gift cards and promotional codes, so you no longer have to use your PS4 to redeem them. The second is the ability to display comments on your phone or tablet while you're broadcasting from the console