The so-called WiiBoy Color is not an emulator, as the maker has managed to fit an actual Wii motherboard into the unit, made possible by cutting it up into smaller pieces and modding the system to not require a disc drive

Check out GingerOfMods’ method in the below video, including how he 3D printed the unit:

Just like the Wii, it can play original Wii and GameCube games, meaning you can enjoy both enormous libraries of games by using the Wii’s Virtual Console loaded onto a USB stick that’s sealed inside.

It comes complete with rear triggers, a display nabbed from a car’s backup camera system, USB-C for charging and Nintendo Switch joysticks combined with buttons from a DS Lite, running on top of the internals of a GameCube controller. This is serious business, and we want one.

If you want one, GingerOfMods has said that he is taking commissions.