RuneScape isn't the only exciting game coming to mobile; take a look at the best upcoming mobile games for more exciting releases in 2017. 

RuneScape for Android release date

As discussed in more detail below, Jagex has announced that both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape (based on the 2007 variant of the game) will both be coming to iOS and Android soon – but both won’t be available at the same time.

Announced via a press release, Old School RuneScape will be the first of the two variants of the hugely popular MMORPG to become available on smartphones and tablets. While there is no solid release date just yet, the company did confirm that Old School RuneScape will be released in winter 2017.

But what about the newer RuneScape? Jagex is yet to provide a release window for the modernised game, only confirming that the release of RuneScape would follow the release of Old School RuneScape.

We imagine that Old School RuneScape will act as a public beta test while the developers iron out any kinks with mobile/pc cross-play and once everything runs perfectly, RuneScape will be made available for Android and iOS.

It’s hard to say when that might be but as Old School RuneScape isn’t out until the end of this year, we imagine it’ll be made available in early 2018.

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RuneScape for Android features

The key feature of both Old School RuneScape and RuneScape when they land on iOS and Android devices? Cross-platform play between PC and mobile. This means that you can easily start the game on your computer and pick up seamlessly on your iOS or Android device when you need to head out.

It also means that if you prefer mobile gaming to PC gaming, you can play the entire RuneScape game on-the-go with no need to go on a PC. While there are other MMORPGs available for Android that offer similar functionality, it’s the first fully established game to offer the functionality.

Talking about the cross-platform capabilities of the game, Senior Product Director Neil McClarty says “We know that our players’ time is precious, and that’s why want to give all RuneScape players, both present and past, the opportunity to play RuneScape on the go. The fact that they’ll be able to play on their PC, leave the PC, and pick up their mobile and continue playing where you left your character will be a big deal for our players – there really will be no need for any XP waste.”

Beyond the cross-platform functionality, much of how the game will work on mobile is a mystery – how will Jagex provide on-screen controls that don’t feel frustrating to use? We imagine we’ll see more about the mobile games announced in the coming months, and we’ll be sure to update this section with more information as soon as we receive it.  

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