It might have been more than three years since Resident Evil 7 was released, but developers Capcom are arguably busier than ever.

In addition to 2019's excellent Resident Evil 2 Remake, the company are also bringing the 1999 classic Resident Evil 3 up to date with modern consoles. 

Now, it looks set to shift its attention to an eighth game in the main series, which we assume will be called Resident Evil 8. Here's everything we know so far. 

When will Resident Evil 8 be released?

Nothing has been confirmed so far, but considering the RE3 remake is set to go on sale in April, we'd expect Capcom to wait until late 2020 at the earliest.

Its release may even be timed to coincide with the launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, which are both set to be available during the 2020 holiday season.

However, we may be waiting much longer, if tweets from AestheticGamer are anything to go by:

What platforms will Resident Evil 8 be playable on?

We'd expect Capcom to follow suit with the platforms for the new Resident Evil game, making it playable on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. RE7 was later released on Mac too, so hopefully we'll see Apple devices supported at some point. 

Depending on release date, we'd also expect it to be available on next-gen consoles shortly after their release. We may be waiting until early 2021 as a result, 

Latest Resident Evil 8 video

While we don't have an official trailer just yet, this video runs through some of the major leaks so far.. It is based on rumours from Biohazard Declassified. Be warned, there are a few disturbing scenes in this four-minute clip.

What will the gameplay be like?

Capcom is yet to confirm that a successor to Resident Evil 7 is in the works, but all signs point to a new game being released soon.

The main rumours we have so far come courtesy of prolific Twitter leaker @Nibellion, who posted a link to the above video alongside the main possibilities so far:

 The big news here is the potential shift to first-person gameplay. Many fans have voiced their displeasure at the move, but it has become clear that the main series will be more experimental, while the remakes retain the tried and tested game of old.

RE7 is subtitled 'Biohazard', in reference to the major threat players would be encountering. That looks set to move to werewolves in the next game, which may seem out of kilter with the rest of the series but will be source of intrigue for many. 

It's still early days for the new Resident Evil game, so news is still relatively thin on the ground. We expect that to quickly increase as soon as Capcom confirms it is working on a new title.