PlayStation VR: UK release date and pricing

PlayStation VR UK release date: 13 October 2016

Sony revealed at E3 2016 that users would be able to get their hands on the PlayStation VR headset from 13 October 2016, along with a number of 'great games and experiences' it had lined up for its first forte into the world of virtual reality.

PlayStation VR: UK price and availability

During the PlayStation VR event at GDC 2016, Sony CEO Andrew House announced that the PlayStation VR headset will set gamers back £349, £150 less than the £499 Oculus Rift and £250 cheaper than the £699 HTC Vive.

Amazon is stocking the PlayStation VR headset, which can be found for £298.95. Amazon isn't the only option though - GAME (£249.99), Argos (£349.99), John Lewis (£339.99) and Currys PC World (£349.99) are also accepting orders for the PlayStation VR headset.  

While the price point attracted applause from those present at the event, all was not as it seemed as the CEO left out one vital piece of information. Yes the PlayStation VR headset costs ~£349 in the UK, but it doesn’t come with a PlayStation Camera, a vital element that’s required for VR use. The official PlayStation 4 Camera costs £36 on Amazon at the time of writing.

It’s the same story with the PlayStation Move controllers, although these aren’t required to use the VR headset as all VR content will be compatible with Sony’s DualShock 4 controller. These can be picked up for £69.99 from Amazon.

PlayStation VR: Latest news

Despite being available to buy in the UK, the PlayStation VR news keeps coming. Here's where you can catch up on all the latest PSVR announcements.

New PSVR controllers might be in the works

Despite offering an impressive game lineup and being the cheapest mainstream headset that you can currently buy, the PlayStation VR has always ranked last when it comes to its controllers.

Though we understand the decision behind using the Move controllers, it provides a less-than-impressive tracking experience when compared to the 1:1 tracking of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. It really can break immersion, especially when trying to reach something and your 'hands' go off-screen. 

Sony may be doing something about that, if a patent filing is anything to go by. Sony Interactive Entertainment filed the patent in Japan which showcases an enhanced, upright design with straps to keep the controllers secure in your hands. The most notable addition is that of an analogue stick on each controller surrounded by quick-access buttons. Another patent claims that the controllers could also boast individual finger tracking.

There's no indication on if/when Sony may launch these controllers, and as is the case with most patent filings, we may not ever see the product reach market. But, regardless, it shows that Sony is aware of the disappointment around the Move controllers and is looking to do something about it. 

Sony to release an improved PSVR headset

A year after launch, Sony is set to update the design of the PlayStation VR headset, addressing some issues with the company's latest product.

The main physical changes to the PSVR headset include a relocated headphone jack (now on the back of the headset as opposed to connected to the cable) providing a cleaner, more integrated design. The cable leading from the headset to the PS4 is also thinner too. 

That's not the main reason for the redesign though. The star of the show is the upgraded Processor Unit that makes HDR passthrough possible, rather than forcing PSVR owners to disconnect the unit as is the case at present.

The updated headset is set to go on-sale in Japan on 14 October 2017 and while there's no solid UK release date just yet, Sony has confirmed that it'll be made available in other countries with no change to pricing.  

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