The new Game & Watch is based on the original consoles from the 80s that pre-date the original Game Boy and were handheld battery-operated devices that came with just one game installed. If you wanted another game, you had to buy another unit.

This new one comes in the classic gold and red tones of the Game & Watch and has the original Super Mario Bros. games, as well as The Lost Levels (a version of Super Mario Bros. 2) and a redesigned version of the game Ball, featuring Mario.

If you fork out for one, you’ll not only have yourself a collectible, but you’ll also enjoy Super Mario Bros. on a decent LCD screen compared to the original Game & Watch or NES consoles.

In a nod to the 35 year theme, Nintendo says its hidden 35 “little touches” throughout the console and game for you to find. The Game & Watch is available in a limited run from 13 November for US $50.