When will New World be released?

New World is currently set to release in spring 2021. 

That's a result of the game's second delay - first it was moved from May to August as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and now it's shifted to next year with the aim of adding more "middle and endgame experiences" according to the game's developers.

Nonetheless, you can still pre-order it from Amazon now for £34.99, while a Deluxe edition is available for £43.99. Both versions are also available to pre-order on Steam

As an extra incentive, people who pre-order the game will be able to play it in full - for a limited time - from the previous launch date of 25 August. You can also sign up on the official website for a chance to play early, though pre-ordering will guarantee you access.

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What platforms will New World be playable on?

New World will only be playable on Windows PCs.

However, there are rumours that Amazon could be launching its own cloud gaming service, currently codenamed Project Tempo, and New World would likely be one of the flagship games on that service.

Watch the latest New World trailer

Here's the latest New World trailer, released at The Game Awards in December 2019:

What can we expect from New World?

New World was originally set to be a semi-historical MMO, set in a lightly fictionalised version of America in the 1600s as it was first colonised by Europeans.

Since then the game has pivoted away from that potentially controversial setting, and the game is now based in a more traditional fantasy setting: Aeternum, also known as the Eternal Isle.

You'll someone summoned to the Isle, and will have to fight against the legions of the Corrupted as you work with - or against - other players to establish territory and fight back.

New World involves players both teaming up and competing against one another, While you may be working together to scavenge resources and build a settlement. These other players will now be considered your friends, and you will work together to defend the settlement from rival online players. There's also a clear emphasis on attacking other settlements, killing players to take their resources too. 

Solo gameplay can also be hugely challenging, as you battle a host of monsters and other players out to kill you. However, it remains to be seen how well this game will perform with dozens of players occupying the same map, with a number of promising titles in the past being exposed for their patchy online gameplay.

If you'd like to read more, read our full preview of the game - though note that this is from before it changed to a more traditional fantasy world.