Logitech’s new headsets were developed in collaboration with e-sports athletes for premium performance, as well as offering durability and comfort for those long gaming sessions. They feature lightweight construction with aluminium for comfort, and steel for durability.

The headband is padded with a high-quality leatherette wrapping and the ear-pads are made from soft memory foam; even when you're playing for hours, they should stay comfortable and easy to wear.

The biggest change with the new headsets is the introduction of microphones with Blue VO!CE  technology from Blue. Blue is one of the most popular names in microphone technology for streaming, home voice recording and gaming.

The new microphones' Blue VO!CE software allows you to apply effects and enhancements in real time. This will come as a welcome development for gamers, who are increasingly conscious of microphone quality and want to sound their best for fellow players.

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Designed to provide that pro-gaming sound, the Logitech Pro and Pro X both use Logitech G's proprietary Pro-G 50mm audio driver. Developed exclusively for Logitech, the Pro-G driver allows the headset to deliver rich, high-quality audio at any volume without distortion. In the case of the Pro X, you also get DTS Headphone: X® 2.0 surround sound for an immersive experience.

Although it has slightly fewer features, the Logitech G Pro Gaming headset will have a lower price point than the Pro X. Fans of Logitech products who want an even better deal should check out Tech Advisor's Logitech voucher codes. Both headsets will be available from mid to late July onwards - but you can start shopping for other quality Logitech products right now with Logitech discount codes