What’s new in Gran Turismo Sport?

You might wonder why Gran Turismo Sport isn’t called Gran Turismo 7. The answer is simple: it’s not Gran Turismo 7.

What Sony has said is that it will be more substantial than the Prologue games, but the main GT7 game is still a way off in the future.

Despite this Gran Turismo Sport is a seriously ambitious racing game. The man behind the series, Kazunori Yamauchi said that “GT Sport is going to be offering a level of innovation that hasn’t been seen since the first Gran Turismo.”

This alludes to the fact that it wants to be considered a form of motorsport in itself.

At the game’s unveiling, developer Polyphony chose to focus on the fact that GT Sport will be the first game to partner with the FIA, which means the game will be officially recognised as a form of motorsport.

It isn’t the first time Gran Turismo has been used to bridge the virtual and real worlds, however. Since 2008 the GT Academy has been picking the best gamers to drive in real racing cars.

In GT Sport, there will be two championships which run for a whole year: Nations Cup where you drive for your country and Manufacturers Cup where you race for your favourite car maker. Trophies will be awarded for both.

Gran Turismo Sport will also feature live races broadcast around the world with commentary. Just like real motor races, the best e-drivers will compete in weekend events and you’ll be able to spectate via the game’s “TV quality cameras”.

Plus, by playing the game and fulfilling certain requirements you’ll be able to acquire a real motorsport licence – an FIA Gran Turismo Digital Licence. According to Polyphony Digital, this will hold the same value as a real life licence.

Gran Turismo Sport is the first in the series to support 4K* and HDR thanks to the beefed-up hardware in the PS4 Pro.

*it doesn’t actually run at 4K. While many titles on the PS4 are rendered at 1440p resolution, Gran Turismo Sport runs at 1800p – and you should be able to notice the difference.

Sony has confirmed that the game will support the new PlayStation VR headset, but it won’t be mandatory of course.

A lot will be familiar to existing Gran Turismo players. There’s the superb level of detail in recreating the cars and tracks and it is set to be one of the best-looking racing games for the PS4.

Gran Turismo Sport release date, price, gameplay, trailer

New tracks include:

  • Tokyo Expressway
  • Northern Isle Speedway (a banked track in the US)
  • Dirt Track (set in the American Midwest)
  • Brands Hatch (UK)
  • Nürburgring (Germany)
  • Willow Springs Raceway (US)

Gran Turismo Sport release date, price, gameplay, trailer

There are 177 cars in total, including the new Mazda MX-5 (also known as the Roadster), Ferrari LaFerrari, Mercedes AMG GT S and the Ford Mustang GT Premium Fastback.

This number may be a lot lower than other new racing games, but when they look as good as this, it's quality over quantity.


Another new feature is ‘Scapes’ which seems to be short for landscapes. This is a new mode that lets you position a car of your choice in one of over 1000 locations, then ‘photograph’ it and adjust the lighting and colours.

Gran Turismo Sport release date, price, gameplay, trailer

By all accounts, the sample images look like real photos.

Gran Turismo Sport videos

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