The company has secured external funding as they look to gain triple-A status for Godfall, which should help to avoid the financial issues suffered by launching previous game Duelyst through a Kickstarter campaign. 

When will Godfall be released?

Godfall has been confirmed to be released during 'Holiday 2020', but we have no specific release date just yet. 

However, expect it to be released very close to the launch of the upcoming PlayStation 5, especially considering the platforms the game will be available on. 

What platforms will Godfall be playable on?

Godfall has been confirmed as the first launch title for the PS5. It will be exclusive to Sony's console family, meaning Xbox players will have to jump ship to get in on the action. 

PC players will be able to download the game via the Epic Games Store, an online marketplace from the developers behind Fortnite. It'll be an Epic Games Store exclusive for a year, before coming to other digital storefronts. 

Latest Godfall trailer

Here is the latest trailer for Godfall, revealed during Sony's June 2020 PS5 game showcase.

What can we expect from Godfall?

Godfall will be split into five realms (Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Spirit) as players endeavour to prevent a major apocalyptic event.

“You are the last of the Valorian knights, god-like warriors able to equip Valorplates, legendary armor sets that transform wielders into unstoppable masters of melee combat. Players will tear through foes as they climb through some of the elemental realms and challenge the mad-god Macros who awaits you at the top” Counterplay claim on the PlayStation Blog

The game is described as a 'looter-slasher', meaning players will collect weapons and other resources by destroying the randomly generated items located around the open world. 

It will have a very different premise to many Battle Royale games, however, with a focus on melee attacks as opposed to firearms. This should mean you require more skill when defeating opponents, as you are unable to rely on a seemingly endless stream of bullets. 

Available loot will include sets of armour and flaming swords, among many others. It seems you'll need all this protection, as you battle multiple enemies simultaneously and encounter head-to-head boss fights. 

In addition to regular single player gameplay, Godfall will be playable in co-op modes with up to three other players. 

For more, take a look at the game's unveiling at The Game Awards in December 2019.