FIFA 20 players who have signed up to the FIFA 20 Global Seies e-sports event may have had their personal information stolen. Some Pro FIFA players are reporting that they’re getting verification requests for 2FA (two-factor authentication) which means people are trying to log into their playing accounts.

Pro-player JREXX told that there was “still no word from EA and I'm getting constant texts from EA verification” after he tweeted out a screenshot:

It's a bad look for EA, and it looks like it may be connected directly to the EA Sports website. That’s according to’s Digital Privacy Expert Ray Walsh, who also said:

“At the moment the scale of the data breach is unknown. However, it’s like there is the potential for the exposed data to be used for targeted phishing attempts on those affected.

“Consumers are advised to contact EA and to wait for advice to be issued by the firm. It is unclear at this time whether updating the password for your account will help, but users are advised to do so as a precaution, as well as keeping an eye on any bank accounts that may be linked to their player IDs.”

EA Sports’ FIFA Twitter page confirmed an issue too:

The sign-ip page to the event has been taken down, but go and change your password if you think you might have been affected.